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Welcome to the world of Maarten Vet, better known as VETART.
he makes music under this name, but mostly art. almost every painting style is represented in his work, with lots of colour, surrealism, abstract fantasy, psychedelic worlds, inspired by many types of art that VETART has seen during his travels.

he has worked on art projects in europe, berlin, paris, budhaspest, bregenz, amsterdam and even in costa rica.

the house, which is also his studio, is one big vetart fantasy world, where everything is found or made by him. there is also a music studio to make his own music, where also many artworks are made,

Besides art, he is busy with old crafts such as blacksmithing, woodcutting, and his interests are music, philosophy, art, nature, history, spiral worlds, technology, and enjoying life.


maARTen vetART vet 


                                                                             vetart from a art heart love life love art x

                                       2019 = this year new expo in the Louvre 2019 International Surrealism Now        . and a free art project around holland .also a new   project with shia   weltenmenge a super artist ! and more arty info  soon

2018 =i I currently travel through Europe to anywhere to make art in mixed forms

             I work with different artists and art groups.

also I join many art projects exhibition in all differnet ways

take a look at mural and click on the countries where I’ve been.

                                                                                     work im paint together with Shia Weltenmenge


                                                                         !  LIVE PAITING ON A SECRET PARTY !!!

@Villa Vagabunt ART project !!!!!





maarten vet vetart